São Paulo’s poor suburbs lead Covid-19 deaths in city

são paulo outskirts

A report by news website G1 based on data from the São Paulo municipal government shows that the poor peripheral neighborhoods of the city are home to the highest numbers of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 deaths, as of April 11. Of the 1,207 deaths, 785 are still pending confirmation, which can be explained by a backlog of roughly 13,000 tests in the state as a whole.    

The eastern zone of São Paulo is the city’s most densely populated region and has been the source of 499 of the 1,207 potential deaths recorded so far, concentrated in low-income neighborhoods such as Sapopemba, Itaquera, and Cangaíba. However, the report highlights that wealthier areas such as Lapa and Pinheiros had the largest number of cases as of March 31.

são paulo outskirts

As of April 15, the city of São Paulo concentrated 563 of the state’s 778 deaths by Covid-19. Confirmed cases reached 8,024, with 11,043 total infections state-wide.