Ceará suspends surgeries, increases ICU beds

Under pressure from Covid-19, Ceará suspends surgeries, increases ICU beds

Ceará, the Brazilian state with the third-highest number of Covid-19 deaths, is reportedly suspending 5,149 elective surgeries between now and April 20. The measure, adopted on March 20, is also expected to interrupt 23,423 outpatient care procedures in the state.

Until this date, only cancer surgeries or cases in which postponing the procedure could make the patients’ situation worse will be allowed. According to the state government, the goal is to avoid contamination by Covid-19 in post-operative care.  

However, Ceará is also trying to avoid overloading its healthcare system. According to the state government, they will require 1,000 intensive care beds by June to care for Covid-19 patients.

State capital Fortaleza currently concentrates 1,973 of Ceará’s 1,975 confirmed cases as of April 14, per state government data, but Governor Camilo Santana expressed concerns regarding the spread of the disease, as 58 other cities in the state have already recorded cases.