Rio will distribute 1.8 million masks to commuters

masks rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro City Hall will distribute around 1.8 million cloth masks to daily commuters. Distribution points will include train, subway, and bus rapid transit stations. The masks will be produced by around 600 local seamstresses. Over 80 percent of them will come from low-income communities, including Rocinha, Maré, Vidigal, and Complexo do Alemão. Each seamstress is expected to produce 3,000 masks per month.

This week, reporter Lucas Berti showed how low-income communities are coming together to fight Covid-19. “Thanks to the beautiful work of these seamstresses, we will be able to offer the gear more rapidly to people who really need to leave their homes, our heroes, who are acting bravely during this pandemic,” Social Service and Human Rights Secretary Tia Ju told news portal G1.

Over BRL 4 million (USD 780,000) are expected to be directed to this initiative.