Pro-Bolsonaro supporters organize motorcade in São Paulo

motorcade bolsonaro

Dozens of Jair Bolsonaro supporters organized a motorcade in São Paulo. Besides defending the president’s approach to Covid-19 and opposing social-isolation measures, demonstrators called for the impeachment of Governor João Doria, protested in front of the headquarters of at least three media groups, and cursed at China.

One of the motorcade’s leaders asked people to stop watching mainstream television channels — and boycott companies that advertise on them. He also claimed (without any evidence whatsoever) that China is conspiring with Mr. Doria against President Bolsonaro.

Mr. Doria is the most prominent voice among Brazilian state governors clashing with the president over his mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis. Addressing São Paulo citizens this week, he said people not following social isolation guidelines could be fined — and even arrested. He also talked about a possible lockdown.

Before the motorcade, Jair Bolsonaro broke quarantine for the third day in a row and was criticized by his own Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta.