⚠️ UPDATE: 20,727 infections, 1,124 deaths

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The Health Ministry has released Brazil’s latest coronavirus numbers: 

  • 20,727 confirmed infections;
  • 1,124 deaths.

Brazil had a 6-percent for both indicators in the past 24 hours. In total, the government reported 1,089 new confirmed cases and 68 deaths this Saturday.

The state of Pernambuco, with the fifth-highest number of coronavirus infections, reported 72 new deaths, fewer only than São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the two states with more confirmed cases and deaths. Amazonas, where the capital city Manaus Mayor Arthur Virgílio Neto said the health system has already collapsed, has informed 1,050 new cases and over 50 deaths.

The lethality rate remains at 5.4 percent, although this number does not necessarily reflect the actual numbers. As shown by reporters Brenno Grillo and Lucas Berti, due to a lack of massive testing, underreporting remains a major problem in Brazil.