⚠️ UPDATE: 17,857 cases, 941 deaths

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The latest Covid-19 figures released by the Brazilian Health Ministry show that infections and deaths in the country continue to rise at a constant pace. There were 1,930 new cases and 141 deaths recorded over the last 24 hours, bringing the overall totals up to 17,857 confirmed infections and 941 deaths. This was a similar increase to that seen on Wednesday, when the death toll increased by 133 individuals.

There is a consensus among the Brazilian medical community that the Health Ministry’s official figures show a certain delay, due to the time it takes to process diagnoses and the elevated demand for tests. One infectious disease specialist consulted by The Brazilian Report affirmed that the ministry’s official data “shows a snapshot of what the situation was like one or two weeks ago,” meaning that the current death toll is likely to be much higher.