Caixa to release emergency funds for workers

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State-owned bank Caixa has launched a website on which Brazilians can request the BRL 600 emergency salary for low-income citizens and autonomous workers (BRL 1,200 for single mothers). According to news website 6minutos, 9 million workers have already requested the benefit in the first hours after the platform went online.

Payments will occur in tranches to avoid overloading the system and the first batch is expected to happen on April 9, for people with accounts at Caixa and Banco do Brasil — another state-owned bank. Roughly 13.6 million people that are not customers of these banks will be able to receive the benefit from lottery branches, which are run by Caixa and function as limited bank branches. 

The benefit will be paid in three waves: April 14, April 27 to 30, and May 26 to 29.