To avoid crowds, Rio workers will operate in shifts

Mayor: To avoid crowds, Rio workers will operate in shifts
Entry in subway stations is controlled by the police in Rio. Photo: FP

Rio de Janeiro Mayor Marcelo Crivella plans to sign a decree establishing shifts for the city’s workers. This decision will affect industries, commerce, and service providers. The goal is to avoid urban agglomerations, especially in public transportation.

“The first shift will be for factories, then essential activities, and finally the services sector,” Mr. Crivella said, adding that the initiative’s goal is “to avoid ‘contagious agglomerations.’” The mayor of Rio also declared that a federal court requested the use of embezzled money recovered by Operation Car Wash in the fight against Covid-19.

Peru adopted a similar policy. President Martín Vizcarra declared that people will be allowed to leave their homes in accordance with their gender. Now, men and women have specific periods to go out. LGBTQ+ groups criticized the decision.