Food shortages already a reality in Brazil’s favelas

Food shortages already a reality in Brazil's favelas

Without an enhanced cash-transfer program, 92 percent of Brazilian mothers in favelas fear they will not be able to feed their children within a month, according to a study by Instituto Locomotiva and Data Favela.

As the in-person economy grinds to a halt, informal workers were deprived of their revenue sources. With social distancing policies forcing workers such as maids and street vendors to stay at home without guaranteed income, 84 percent of women polled said they have already experienced a drop in their household revenue.

The suspension of classes has also anguished mothers, with 76 percent arguing that they had to increase their spending to feed their children, who previously had at least one daily meal at school. As a result of that, over one-third said they are already facing food shortages at home.

Instituto Locomotiva estimates that in the favelas, where over five million Brazilian mothers live, nearly half of households are led by women.