São Paulo to wire BRL 100 million to hospitals

new cases hospitals Update: 1,128 confirmed Covid-19 infections, 18 deaths

The state government of São Paulo pledged to wire BRL 100 million to municipal hospitals over the next four months. The money will be used to expand public healthcare infrastructure to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Regulators will also permit telemedicine for suspected Covid-19 patients in the state. 

São Paulo Governor João Doria also promised to implement a food-distribution network for truck drivers on state highways. The distribution will be funded by roadway administrators at fuel and weighing stations. Roughly 140,000 food kits will be delivered, including meals and snacks.

Truck drivers are a key demographic in Jair Bolsonaro’s electorate, and many have grown disgruntled by the lack of food service stations on their routes — as most states impose restrictions on commerce as a move to contain the Covid-19 spread.

In the city of São Paulo, BRL 5 million will be distributed to the families of 2,300 garbage collectors by the end of July. Self-employed workers in the sector will receive BRL 1,200 from the municipal administration, and those who are members of cooperatives will receive BRL 600 to go with the further BRL 600 to be paid by the federal government to informal workers.

So far, the state of São Paulo has recorded 1,517 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 113 deaths, and 231 people in intensive care units.