Flagship São Paulo hospitals put 452 infected workers on leave

hospitals sao paulo covid-19

The Sírio-Libanês and Albert Einstein hospitals — arguably São Paulo’s most state-of-the-art healthcare institutions — reported they have already put a combined amount of 452 members of staff on leave after they tested positive for Covid-19. 

According to Albert Einstein hospital, its 348 workers on Covid-19-related leave represent 2 percent of the hospital’s 15,000 employees. Only 13 of them, however, needed to be hospitalized — 169 of these professionals are doctors, nurses, and nursing technicians. In Sírio-Libanês, the 104 infected employees include doctors, nurses, cleaners, and administrative assistants. 

At least 1,080 health professionals in public hospitals have been placed on leave due to suspected contamination between March 1 and 28, according to labor unions’ calculations. Two Brazilian nurses have died so far after being infected with Covid-19.