⚠️ UPDATE: Lethality rate reaches 3.2 percent of Brazilians infected with Covid-19

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Brazil’s Health Ministry has published new Covid-19 data. Here are the key numbers on infections, deaths, and lethality rate:

  • 136 deaths;
  • 4,256 confirmed cases.

On Saturday and Sunday, Brazil registered the highest amount of deaths since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak — 44 deaths over the weekend. That pushed the coronavirus’ lethality rate in Brazil to 3.2 percent — from 2.8 percent on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Brazilian authorities can’t seem to agree on how to tackle the virus. The federal government defends confinement measures only for high-risk populations, while most governors and leaders want to follow international standards — imposing restrictions on the entire population.

On Sunday, President Jair Bolsonaro visited street markets in low-income areas near Brasília. He was at the receiving end of harsh criticism from the Brazilian Bar Association, which called him a “toxic leadership.” In response, the president said: “We have to face the virus like men, not kids. I have to make decisions and take risks, for better or worse. I can’t stay on the fence or make decisions based on political correctness. I’ll listen to the Brazilian people.”

He added: “I feel like signing a decree tomorrow letting people working in any profession that is legal or heavily informal to go and work — but I don’t know if I’ll do it.”

The following charts help understand the evolution of the Covid-19 crisis in Brazil.