Once again, Bolsonaro goes against his own administration’s recommendations

bolsonaro brasilia

President Jair Bolsonaro visited street markets in lower-income areas near Brasília — just one day after Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta stressed the need for social isolation to contain the spread of Covid-19. 

Mr. Bolsonaro did not hesitate to gather groups of people next to him and published on social media interactions with voters. “People want to work,” he said, as street vendors plead for the reopening of stores.

UPDATE (11:53 pm): Twitter struck down Mr. Bolsonaro’s post for violating its rules. The social media company has banned posts that spread misleading information around Covid-19.

The Federal District, where Brasília is, has 89.2 infected people per 1 million inhabitants — the highest rate of the country.


The president once again defended that churches should be able to hold regular services, despite court orders forbidding it. “Preachers are responsible, they won’t create agglomerations,” said Mr. Bolsonaro.