Crisis unfolding: Bolsonaro loses support from powerful ally

crisis bolsonaro A government on the road to collapse brazil

Goias Governor Ronaldo Caiado declared the end of his support for President Jair Bolsonaro, following the far-right leader’s televised speech last night — enhancing the political crisis. “There is no more dialogue with this man. Things have come to an end,” Mr. Caiado said. 

The governor also challenged the president’s authority, saying Mr. Bolsonaro’s decisions to limit confinement measures to high-risk populations “won’t reach the state of Goias.” As a trained doctor, Mr. Caiado pledged to follow science against Covid-19.

Mr. Caiado’s rupture is not a trivial one. A powerful politician in the Center-West region — and a former leader of the agricultural caucus in the Senate — the governor was one of Mr. Bolsonaro’s closest supporters and vouched for the appointment of Luiz Henrique Mandetta as Health Minister.

As the political crisis unfolds, all 27 state governors will hold a conference call this afternoon to discuss their strategy moving forward — independent from the federal administration.