Covid-19 debacle sparks impeachment talks

the brazilian report emergency impeachment covid-19 We at The Brazilian Report, however, have taken an editorial stance: we will no longer publish figures announced by the government before thoroughly scrutinizing them.

From today’s Daily Briefing (for platinum subscribers):

Since Jair Bolsonaro took office, 15 months ago, his relationship with Congress has been, to say the least, highly dysfunctional. But the government’s utter inability to deal with the coronavirus crisis—especially from an economic standpoint—has perhaps tipped the scales against it in a definitive way. We have already reported that the I-word has begun to float around the corridors of Brasília, but sources close to the country’s top political players have informed our Brasília correspondent Brenno Grillo that behind-the-scenes negotiations for an impeachment process have already begun.

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