São Paulo head infectious diseases expert tests positive for Covid-19

david uip são paulo covid-19
David Uip

David Uip, the leading expert in São Paulo state’s task force against the spread of the novel coronavirus, has shown symptoms of Covid-19. He is currently undergoing a battery of tests at the Sírio-Libanês Hospital in São Paulo.

All of the actions taken by the state administration have taken Mr. Uip’s inputs into account. According to Governor João Doria, “there is no indication that he might be contaminated,” but he offered no explanation for why he is undergoing tests. “When we have the results we will be able to answer in a clear and objective way,” he added.

Mr. Doria said that he—and all others who have maintained contact with Mr. Uip over the past weeks—might also test himself for Covid-19.

UPDATE (March 23, 2020 – 6:32 pm): São Paulo Governor João Doria confirmed that infectious diseases expert David Uip tested positive to Covid-19 and is already in self-isolation. Mr. Doria has also been tested—and promised to share the results as soon as they are available.