? São Paulo to quarantine for 15 days

são paulo quarantine

São Paulo will enforce a state-wide quarantine for at least 15 days, starting on March 24. The restrictions will not affect industries, the civil construction sector, banks, and lottery agencies (which also function as bank branches). Stores will remain closed until April 7—restaurants and bars will only be allowed to work with carry-out and takeaway.

On Friday, the state government had declared a state of public calamity—following a similar decision by Congress and the federal government. São Paulo is the worst-affected state by Covid-19, with 15 deaths and more than 396 confirmed infections at the time of publishing.

At the time of publishing, Brazil recorded 1,020 Covid-19 infections and 18 deaths.

Flu vaccines

São Paulo will also launch its annual flu vaccination campaign this week. Authorities will prioritize 1.6 million elderly citizens, health professionals, and law enforcement (including firefighters). Roughly 600 vaccination posts will be set up at basic health units, schools, nursing homes, shelters, and housing estates.

Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, people will not be vaccinated in closed spaces, rather in the reception halls and open spaces of those facilities. Before administering the shots, doctors will screen everyone for Covid-19.

Of the 15 Covid-19 deaths in São Paulo, only one patient was under the age of 70—a 49-year-old man who suffered from tuberculosis.