Government issues rules on airfare cancelations

The Covid-19 pandemic could cause irreparable damage to the tourism and travel sector, with many companies expected to go bankrupt amid market chaos
Flight cancelation rates reached 85 percent in March. Photo: Tupungato/Shutterstock

Passengers who decide to reschedule air travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be able to do so without incurring fines. Customers will be able to postpone their flights for any time in the 12 months following the original date of travel. The rules are valid until December 31 of this year.

Passengers who decide to cancel their trips must pay the fines provided in the sales contract. In all cases, boarding fees will be fully refunded. In this case, the term of repayment is also 12 months.

In the same decree, the government postponed the payment of fixed and variable contributions related to airport concessions, as a way to relieve the pressure on airlines.


When airlines decide to reschedule flights, consumers must be notified 72 hours before the departure time. The company must also offer a refund of the amount paid for the ticket, or the option to move customers to other flights. If the consumer is not notified, the airline will be obliged to reimburse them in full.

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