Latin America Covid-19 Roundup: March 19, 2020

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From today onward, The Brazilian Report will bring you a round-up of the biggest Covid-19 stories around Latin America.

Besides Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Paraguay, all countries in Latin America reported new confirmed cases. Haiti is the only country with no information so far, mainly due to its political crisis.

?? Argentina. All newspapers in Argentina printed the same cover today: “Let’s make responsibility viral.” (La Nación)

?? Venezuela. The IMF denies Venezuela’s request for a USD 5-billion rescue loan, saying it doesn’t recognize Nicolás Maduro as the country’s rightful leader. (The New York Times)

  • Four cases of coronavirus detected in Venezuela’s most notorious political prison (El Nacional, in Spanish)

?? Colombia. Colombia is banning everyone—including its own citizens—from entering the country for a month (Bloomberg)

?? Costa Rica. Costa Rica reports its first Covid-19 death. Health Minister confirms 69 cases (Deutsche Welle, in Spanish) 

?? Uruguay. Half of Uruguay’s coronavirus cases traced to a single person: a 57-year-old socialite (The Guardian)

?? Mexico. President López Obrador resists implementing strong measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, said that might damage the economy (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Mexico’s Health Ministry reports first Covid-19 death. (CNN)

?? Honduras. The U.S. Women’s football team is trapped in Honduras after the Central American country closed its borders. The team was on a charity tour. (CBS Sports)