President Bolsonaro tests negative for Covid-19 again

bolsonaro test
Photo: Myriam B/Shutterstock

Late on Tuesday, President Jair Bolsonaro published on Twitter that his second test for Covid-19 came back negative.

President Bolsonaro was heavily criticized for having had contact with at least 272 supporters on Sunday, despite being a possible carrier of the novel coronavirus. So far, 15 people who had direct contact with him during an official trip to the U.S. on March 7 have tested positive for the virus—meaning that the presidential entourage accounts for 4.5 percent of all confirmed cases in Brazil so far.

The latest infection among senior government officials was General Augusto Heleno, Mr. Bolsonaro’s 72-year-old chief security officer. He broke the news on Twitter and is awaiting the results of a control test.