São Paulo investigates four possible Covid-19 deaths

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Health authorities in the state of São Paulo are investigating four possible deaths related to the novel coronavirus. Until this moment, only one death has been confirmed—a 62-year-old man who also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Just over an hour after Brazil recorded its first death linked to Covid-19, a major radio station reported that a second patient had also died, once again in the state of São Paulo. The victim would be a 76-year-old woman, and as of yet there are no details about her prior health condition or how she contracted the virus. The information was first reported by Rádio Bandeirantes journalist Lucas Herrero, quoting sources within the São Paulo state government.

Several rumors of Covid-19-related deaths have circulated since Monday—although they have not been confirmed yet. A source at the Albert Einstein hospital told The Brazilian Report about the death of a female patient on Monday morning, without offering more details.