Cristina Kirchner shooter linked to Argentinian far-right website

cristina kirchner
The moment when a man pointed a gun to Cristina Kirchner

The links between the would-be shooter of Vice President Cristina Kirchner and the far-right are becoming more prominent by the day. 

Fernando Sabag Montiel’s tattoos already seemed to reveal his sympathies with esoteric Nazi groups in Argentina, and TV appearances of his girlfriend showed her attacking foreigners who benefited from social aid programs.

Now, an Argentinian online forum known as Rouzed, which has been compared with the internationally infamous 4chan, has been closed down after some of its users recognized Mr. Montiel as a member.

“The site’s higher-ups took the forum offline shortly after the attack on the vice president, doing so voluntarily after seeing the forum’s members accuse each other of complicity in the attack, along with talk of ‘hiding evidence’ linking Rouzed to Montiel,” an analysis from the Rest of World website said.

Buenos Aires Province’s police also raided another far-right group in the provincial capital of La Plata, known as the “Kyle Rittenhouse Cultural Center,” after one of its members vindicated Mr. Montiel’s actions in multiple online spaces, although there is no evidence connecting him to the assassination attempt against Ms. Kirchner.