Unexplained pneumonia kills two health workers in Argentina

pneumonia argentina
Photo: Instrumenta/Shutterstock

An unexplained type of pneumonia has killed two health workers in Tucumán, a province in northwestern Argentina, with another four patients undergoing intensive care.

The disease seems to be contained so far, as all six patients got sick at the same clinic between August 18 and August 22, but authorities are intrigued about the fact that they have all tested negative for what would be the typical culprits, such as Covid, influenza, and hantavirus.

Provincial Health Minister Luis Medina Ruiz said samples from the six patients will be subjected to further tests this Friday in Buenos Aires. Leptospirosis, legionella, or an unknown virus are now seen as possible candidates.

International authorities in Europe and the World Health Organization have been made aware of the issue, although experts are waiting for more information before ringing any further alarm bells.