Peru’s Castillo appoints new cabinet minister every six days

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo (center, back to camera) during a cabinet meeting. Photo: Presidencia Perú

No leader in Latin America is more habituated to political struggles than President Pedro Castillo of Peru, who spent his first year in office overshadowed by problems. Late August has been no different with Mr. Castillo replacing three cabinet positions in a single day, reaching the unfortunate mark of 67 ministers in 13 months. 

On average, the head of state has appointed a new member of his cabinet every six days.

The latest reshuffle saw switches in the Defense, Environment, and Women and Vulnerable Populations ministries. The change comes less than a month after the president also swapped out Peru’s Finance Minister. 

In the meantime, more skepticism around Mr. Castillo, this time regarding his family. The Peruvian Prosecution Office forbid First Lady Lilia Paredes and two of her brothers from leaving the country for the next 36 months. They are all accused of taking part in a corruption scheme within the Castillo government. This month, the president’s sister-in-law Yenifer Paredes was also put under provisional arrest within the scope of the same investigation. The president denies all the accusations. Prime Minister Aníbal Torres — who himself resigned early this month before backpedaling a few days later — said the Castillo family is the victim of “political persecution.”