Peru to have fifth Prime Minister in space of a year

Peru to have fifth Prime Minister in space of a year
Aníbal Torres. Photo: Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros/Flickr

Prime Minister Aníbal Torres of Peru issued his surprise resignation from office on Wednesday, forcing President Pedro Castillo to appoint a fifth person to the post in the 12-plus months since taking office as president. Announcing his exit from the government on Twitter, Mr. Torres said his decision was based on “personal reasons.” 

While Aníbal Torres only stayed in office for six months, he stands as Mr. Castillo’s longest-serving prime minister. He was regarded as one of Mr. Castillo’s most reliable allies. His exit plunges the government into further disarray and forces the president to carry out yet another cabinet reshuffle.

The president is facing five criminal investigations for corruption, influence peddling, and obstruction of justice and has a shaky base in Congress — even being pushed out of his own party. Mr. Castillo has already dodged two ousting attempts by opposition lawmakers.

Peruvian Congress is unicameral and is traditionally trigger-happy when it comes to ousting presidents. Given how things are going for Pedro Castillo, many political observers doubt he will manage to finish his five-year term.