Brazil’s consumer watchdog to investigate five travel companies

investigate five travel companies
Rio’s Galeão airport. Photo: Antonio Salaverry/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Justice Ministry has launched administrative proceedings against five travel platforms due to consumer complaints about their service provision. CVC,, 123 Milhas, Max Milhas, and Viajanet are the companies that received the highest number of complaints during the pandemic, the ministry said in a statement.

Consumer protection watchdog Senacon, which is linked to the ministry, will investigate possible breaches of consumer defense codes by these five companies in relation to flight cancellations, re-bookings, refunds, and the reuse of travel and reservation credits.

Justice Minister Anderson Torres said the investigation is necessary as “the consumer does not have the power to choose the real provider because the agency does all the intermediary work.”

If found guilty of breaching Brazil’s Consumer Protection Code, the companies could be fined up to BRL 13 million (USD 2.5 million) each, and face other punishments. 

Decolar told The Brazilian Report that the company is trying to gain access to the proceedings, but added that it is in constant communication with all the agencies within the National System for Consumer Protection, including Senacon, with the aim of continuously improving its customer service practices.

In April, the government celebrated positive results posted by the tourism industry, as output grew by 48 percent on a yearly basis. Brazil’s July mid-year vacations are one of the most popular seasons of the year and Brazilians are expected to travel in droves — especially as Covid restrictions are lifted.

But skyrocketing airfares — which pushed overall inflation up in May — mean traveling will be, for most, somewhere closer to home.