Bus workers’ strike disrupts São Paulo public transportation

bus drivers são paulo
Photo: Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock

São Paulo bus drivers and ticket collectors went on strike on Tuesday after rejecting a proposal for a 12.47-percent salary adjustment starting in October — workers are demanding that the wage increase be effective from May. The strike was scheduled to last 24 hours.

As reported in yesterday’s Brazil Daily newsletter, Brazilians are currently dealing with the double whammy of rising consumer prices and falling average incomes. Workers across a variety of private and public sectors have been doubling down on demands for salary adjustments this year. 

The transport strike in São Paulo led to almost 150 kilometers of congestion being recorded in the early hours of the morning — 50 percent higher than a week prior. A court order for at least 80 percent of the fleet to be in circulation at peak hours was not complied with.

The strike has affected more than 700 lines and 6,500 buses, which would normally transport 1.5 million passengers.

São Paulo City Hall revoked the city’s vehicle rotation system (a measure created to control traffic during peak hours) and freed up exclusive bus lanes for the circulation of cars.

By the end of the day, City Hall reached a deal with unions and the strike was suspended.