Airfares in Brazil at a ten-year high

airfares ten year high
Check-in lobby in São Paulo. Photo: Shutterstock

The average airfare paid by Brazilians reached its highest level since 2012 at BRL 648.29 (USD 132). That is more than half the country’s monthly minimum wage.

Nominal prices for several routes have doubled since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus spread a pandemic in March 2020.

Abear, an association of local airlines, says more than half of the sector’s expenses are in U.S. dollars — and that almost one-third of the costs are on fuels, which have risen by 64 percent between January and June (and 90 percent since 2019). On June 2, Petrobras announced that it will charge 11.4 percent more for aviation fuel.

In May, Congress approved new legislation forcing air travel companies to allow passengers to check one piece of luggage for free. Companies say the move, which awaits presidential approval to become effective, will make airfares even more expensive.