Brazil creates almost 200,000 jobs in April

jobs report brazil
Photo: Kleber Cordeiro/Shutterstock

Brazil generated 196,900 formal jobs in April, according to the Labor Ministry.

The agribusiness sector was the only one to have reduced its number of jobs, with 1,000 firings overall. Domestic labor, an important gauge of Brazil’s economic situation, remained stable. 

The new report is long overdue, having been slated for release in May. The government claims the delay was due to processing issues within Dataprev, a publicly-owned data company that the Bolsonaro administration wants to privatize.

Last week, official statistics agency IBGE reported that the unemployment rate had dropped to 10.5 percent — a 0.6-point decrease from the previous month and the lowest rate since February 2016.

The average entry monthly salary rose by 0.79 percent to BRL 1,906 (USD 398). However, it went down for domestic workers (-3.88) and people in retail (-0.31%).