Federal Police given new deadline in Bolsonaro investigation

federal police investigation
Photo: BW Press/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Federal Police has been given a two-week deadline to deliver a report on an investigation into a confidential data leak involving President Jair Bolsonaro. The order was issued by Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes on Tuesday. 

Last August, Mr. Bolsonaro shared online sealed documents regarding a Federal Police investigation into a 2018 hacking attack of the Superior Electoral Court’s systems. The leak was part of the president’s attempts to undermine confidence in Brazil’s electoral system. An investigation into the leak was launched at the electoral court’s request.

Justice Moraes has now ordered that the Federal Police deliver a “thorough” analysis of all the materials in the investigation. In an earlier report sent to the Supreme Court in January, the police had found indications that Mr. Bolsonaro committed a crime but suggested closing the case. Prosecutor General Augusto Aras – who has been quite lenient towards the president – also requested that the case be dropped.

The case is just one of a number of pending investigations that President Bolsonaro faces in the Supreme Court.