Police charge Brazil’s retail heir with sexual crimes

saul klein sexual abuse
Photo: AJP/Shutterstock

The São Paulo police called for the arrest of businessman Saul Klein for allegedly having committed sexual crimes against 14 women, some of whom were minors. Charges include criminal association, human trafficking, rape, and sexual exploitation of minors.

The 68-year-old billionaire is accused of running a network that recruited and forced women to have sex with him in exchange for money and gifts. In the past, Mr. Klein’s defense said he never abused the women, but acted as their “sugar daddy” — that is, a man in a relationship that offers financial support in exchange for companionship and possibly sex.

Saul Klein is not the first member of his family to battle sexual exploitation accusations. An April 2021 investigation by Agência Pública exposed his late father, Samuel, as an exploitative sexual predator. His case bears eerie parallels to that of notorious American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Samuel Klein founded Casas Bahia, one of Brazil’s biggest retail brands — now run by the Via Varejo conglomerate. The company issued a statement saying Saul Klein has never held any position within the firm since it took over Casas Bahia in 2010.