McDonald’s pulls ‘misleading burger’ from Brazilian stores

McDonald's misleading burger mcpicanha
Flagship McDonald’s restaurant in São Paulo. Photo: Deni Williams/Shutterstock

McDonald’s took heat from consumer protection services in Brazil after launching a new McPicanha sandwich, in reference to the prime Brazilian beef cut picanha, adored by many around the country. The problem? The burger didn’t have any picanha in it.

As a matter of fact, the fast-food giant only used a ‘picanha-flavored’ sauce.

Consumer protection organization Procon ordered the company to stop selling the McPicanha in Brasília stores and explain the case of false advertising. McDonald’s apologized for causing “doubts” among customers and removed the sandwich from all its Brazilian restaurants. Advertising watchdog Conar opened an investigation into the case.

While it lasted, the McPicanha cost BRL 42 (USD 8.48) — a salty price in a country where consumers have lost purchasing power due to shrinking wages and rampant inflation. The case sparked additional outrage because beef prices have skyrocketed in Brazil, leading to an all-time low in protein consumption.