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Moro could make his way back into the presidential race

Moro back presidential race
Sergio Moro: is he in or out? Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Right-wing party União Brasil is reportedly keen on abandoning negotiations with other right-leaning groups around building a “third-way” alternative to break the dichotomy between Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. 

Enjoying the biggest amount of funds for campaigns and the lion’s share of television and radio ad slots, União Brasil could still launch former Justice Minister Sergio Moro as its presidential candidate, with party chair Luciano Bivar as his running mate.

Speaking to CNN Brasil, however, Mr. Bivar said that Mr. Moro is not the party’s sole alternative.

Mr. Moro joined União Brasil earlier this month in the hopes of benefiting from the party’s structure in his presidential run. But the party wasn’t sold on the idea of pushing him for the top job, saying instead that it would only sponsor the former judge to run for a seat in Congress. At one point, Mr. Moro said he would drop out of the presidential race — but always tried to leave an opening for a potential U-turn.

Even before his multiple flip-flops, Mr. Moro was a rank outsider in the race, never able to poll above 10 percent. His return to the election is unlikely to change that, although it could hurt first-round numbers of President Jair Bolsonaro — who jumped 4 points without Mr. Moro in the polls.