Covid cases in Brazil return to pre-Omicron levels

cases pre-Omicron levels
Photo: Shutterstock

The seven-day rolling average of Covid cases in Brazil has remained below 20,000 for a week now. Experts prefer to analyze rolling averages with a flexible time range to account for volatility in daily case counts and inconsistent reporting during holidays and weekends.

Current levels of reported infections are close to levels seen in January, before the Omicron variant spread across the country. Over 88 percent of Brazilians eligible for vaccination have taken at least one Covid shot. 

The Brazilian government is using the downward trend in Covid deaths and infections to end the state of health emergency declared in February 2020. The move, however, will affect the vaccination schedule and labor relations, as The Brazilian Report explained on Monday.

Since the arrival of the coronavirus to Brazil, the country has reported over 30 million infections and more than 662,000 deaths. One in every ten Covid-19 deaths around the world has come in Brazil.