Bolsonaro seeks agreement with disgruntled federal marshals

federal police bolsonaro
Bolsonaro during a September 2020 visit to a road police checkpoint. Photo: Valdenio Vieira/PR

After a proposal to raise civil servants’ wages by 5 percent did not sit well with unions representing Federal Police agents, the government is trying to mend fences with law enforcement agents — which have been a solid source of support to President Jair Bolsonaro.

Justice Minister Anderson Torres scheduled meetings with trade union representatives on Monday in the hopes of reaching a deal to avoid protests. Two major unions have meetings scheduled for tomorrow, which government officials see as “potentially incendiary.” 

Despite police strikes being illegal, officers’ union Fenapef told its 27 state chapters to “be ready” to mobilize — which could include a march on Brasília to put pressure on the government. Late in 2021, Mr. Bolsonaro promised to raise the salaries of federal law enforcement agents — leading other public workers to make similar requests. But the cash-strapped government cannot put its money where the president’s mouth is.