The Brazilian Report joins protection network for journalists

protection network for journalists
Photo: Black Salmon/Shutterstock

The Brazilian Report became a part of the Network for the Protection of Journalists and Communicators, an initiative coordinated by the Vladimir Herzog Institute in partnership with NGOs Reporters Without Borders, Artigo 19, and Intervozes.

The group seeks to disseminate news about violations against journalists and offer legal and psychological assistance to victims, and currently has partners from collectives and media outlets across the country.

“Historically, in election years, there is an increase in attacks and threats against communicators. It is a time when potential aggressors are more willing to carry out their threats as it is the time when the directions of different aspects of the life of a city, state, or country are determined,” says Giuliano Tonasso Galli, the Vladimir Herzog Institute’s journalism and freedom of expression coordinator.

The network has a reporting tool for cases of threats or attacks against journalists. When making the complaint, which is done privately, the information will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed with the consent of the journalists involved in the case or the organization.

A report by the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (Abert) released in March shows that at least 230 professionals and media outlets suffered some type of attack in 2021, a 22-percent bump from the previous year. The main perpetrator of the offenses was President Jair Bolsonaro, with 46 registered cases.