Brazilian Air Force subpoenaed in case involving Bolivia’s former president

air force fab
Photo: SO Nery/FAB

Brazil’s Senate has approved a request to mandate the Air Force to reveal records of flights between Brazil and Bolivia late in 2019 — including passenger lists. Senators aim to find out if the Brazilian government assisted the military-backed coup against former Bolivian President Evo Morales in any way.

Senator Humberto Costa of the Workers’ Party suspects the Brazilian Air Force may have flown in Jeanine Áñez for an alleged meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro (although there is no evidence whatsoever of such meeting). A 2020 presidential decree only clears the use of Air Force planes by Brazilian authorities for service, safety, or medical emergency reasons.

Back in 2019, Ms. Áñez proclaimed herself president after the military pushed Mr. Morales out of office, leading to his leaving the country.

Since the coup, the South American left has entertained allegations that right-wing governments in Brazil and Argentina may have helped the coup take place. In Argentina, prosecutors launched a probe into weapons sales to Bolivia during the brief Jeanine Áñez administration.

The current government, led by an understudy of Mr. Morales, arrested Ms. Áñez and will try her for her role in the 2019 coup.