2022 Race

New poll shows center-left ahead in São Paulo

poll center-left São Paulo
Former São Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad leads the gubernatorial race. Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/Shutterstock

An electoral poll by Paraná Pesquisas shows the center-left in the pole position for the governor’s office in São Paulo, Brazil’s wealthiest state. Former São Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad, of the Workers’ Party, scores roughly 30 percent across various simulations featuring lists of different candidates. Meanwhile, former Governor Márcio França, of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), comes second with around 17 percent.

Former Infrastructure Minister Tarcísio de Freitas is in third, with almost 13 percent of voting intentions. Newly inaugurated Governor Rodrigo Garcia, who served as lieutenant governor until last week, remains in the low single digits.

Some analysts believe that the gubernatorial election will eventually become a two-horse race, with the Workers’ Party and PSB set to join forces at some point. Meanwhile, Mr. Freitas should win over conservative voters as a “guardrail” against what would be an unprecedented left-wing win in the state, thanks to his association with President Jair Bolsonaro.