Strike compromises Central Bank’s Focus Report

Strike compromises Central Bank's Focus Report
Photo: Brenda Rocha/Blossom/Shutterstock

The Central Bank’s Focus Report – a weekly survey of top-rated investment firms – is considered to be a reliable thermometer of markets’ evaluation of the Brazilian economy. Though it is usually published every Monday, today its latest version will not be disclosed by the bank due to disruptions caused by a workers’ strike. 

Civil servants are urging the government to raise their salaries by 26 percent.

Disclosure of the report had already been disrupted in recent weeks due to daily four-hour walkouts that preceded the full strike, though today is the first time the Central Bank has admitted that the disruption is due to workers’ protests. Other services – such as remuneration of banks in PIX operations, as well as the external sector, credit, and fiscal statistics for February – were also compromised.