2022 Race

Moro flirts with new party on his old party’s dime

Moro flirts new party
Sergio Moro. Photo: Marcelo Camargo/ABr

Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro’s change of parties from Podemos to União Brasil – and his subsequent dropping out of the presidential race – is full of curious details. 

One is the fact that Mr. Moro traveled to São Paulo to meet with União Brasil on Podemos’s dime. His former party – which claims to have been informed of Mr. Moro’s departure through the press – paid for plane tickets, lodging and food. Podemos is still assessing how much of their funds Mr. Moro spent, and how to be reimbursed.

“We are continuing to search for a person who can serve as an alternative for Brazilians and can look them in the eye,” said Podemos in an official statement.

Mr. Moro’s new party would rather have him running for a congressional seat for the state of São Paulo, instead of aiming for the presidency.