Regulators want to lift sanitary protocols for travelers from Ukraine

sanitary protocols Ukraine
Families flee the war across the Ukraine-Hungary border. Photo: Janossy Gergely/Shutterstock

Just days before the Brazilian government is set to repatriate citizens still in Ukraine, federal health regulator Anvisa recommended the government suspend Covid requirements for people leaving the conflict zone. The measure would affect all travelers, not only those brought to Brazil on military planes.

Anvisa spoke of an “urgent need” for the immediate rescue of passengers escaping the Russian invasion. The document states that “measures to mitigate health damages can be adopted,” but those waiting to be rescued must be received “without facing the usual health restrictions.” 

When entering the country, Brazil requests international travelers to present proof of vaccination, a negative RT-PCR test, and to fill out an Anvisa form.

For people being repatriated from Ukraine, however, Anvisa only asks for their flight schedule information, that they wear face masks, and that they agree to self-quarantine upon reaching their final destination. Travelers presenting Covid symptoms must also be isolated from others during the flight.