Two weeks after mudslides, number of displaced people in Petrópolis tops 1,100

mudslides displaced Petrópolis
Search teams looking for survivors in Petrópolis. Photo: Fernando Frazão/ABr

More than two weeks have passed since floods and mudslides have killed 231 people in the mountainous tourist town of Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro state. Now, the city’s administration has finally mapped out all of its homeless and displaced citizens.

Per official figures, at least 1,117 people have been removed from their homes and are in 34 different shelters. Petrópolis officials say they have been provided food, hygiene products, as well as health care, psychological and social assistance. All families will also have access to monthly aid payments of BRL 1,000 (USD 193). 

Mayor Rubens Bomtempo announced the construction of 300 houses for the worst-affected population. Volunteers and Civil Defense marshals have been working day and night after the city’s all-time most violent catastrophe. Besides the confirmed victims, five people are still missing.