Senate to advance on loosening gun legislation

Senate gun legislation
Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro has been a staunch defender of loosening gun regulations. Photo: Nilson Bastian/CD

The Senate’s Constitution and Justice Committee will discuss a House-approved bill to loosen gun and ammunition regulations for “hunters, shooters, and collectors” (known in Brazil as CACs). The government-sponsored bill allows CACs to carry a handgun ready for use on their journeys to training, competition, or hunting venues.

If the bill passes, over 515,000 Brazilian CACs will benefit from these looser rules. 

Experts warn that the legislation would create legal loopholes leading to increased firearm availability throughout the country. CACs are among the groups of gun owners that lose their weapons most often — at a rate of three per day, according to Agência Pública. Opponents of the bill say these guns end up in the hands of criminals.

As of today, carrying a loaded weapon to a training facility is only allowed when CACs can produce a valid journey plan. Violations of this rule are punishable by arrest.Overthrowing current rules is a key policy goal for Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, President Jair Bolsonaro’s third-eldest son, known for his pro-gun platform.