Childhood nourishment can affect susceptibility to Covid symptoms

Childhood nourishment Covid symptoms
Photo: Burcu Saritas/Shutterstock

A new study from the University of São Paulo (USP) indicates that children’s level of nourishment could influence the length of hospital treatment they require from coronavirus infections. The study analyzed children who were admitted to hospital care after contracting Covid-19, finding that malnourished youngsters spent an average of 11 days in the hospital, while those without nutrition problems stayed for an average of five days.

Experts believe the discovery could help health authorities establish an effective nutrition schedule for children hospitalized with Covid. The research was conducted with 73 patients and was based on the nutritional risk tool called STRONGkids, which measures nutritional levels within the first 24 hours of hospitalization. 

“It proves a strong correlation between children’s nutritional situation and the treatment result,” said the study’s leading expert, nutritionist Patricia Zamberlan.