Supreme Court will uphold vaccine mandates in federal universities

vaccine mandates universities
Photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ABr

In a virtual trial, the Brazilian Supreme Court has reached a majority to uphold vaccine mandates imposed by multiple federally-run universities. The trial is set to confirm a December injunction by Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, who said universities have autonomy to decide whether to require proof of vaccination from students and staff.

An ordinance issued by the Education Ministry last year stated that universities would be allowed to enforce sanitary protocols but could not block students from returning to in-person classes if they are not vaccinated.

The Jair Bolsonaro administration has adamantly opposed vaccine mandates, trying to use all instruments at its disposal to boycott them. The Culture Secretariat, for instance, said it would no longer grant funding to cultural projects that impose requirements on the public regarding vaccination proof.

A federal court struck down that ordinance three weeks ago.