Congress allows vaccinated pregnant women to return to the office

pregnant women covid
Photo: Shutterstock

In the early hours of the morning, the House passed a bill bringing pregnant women employees back to in-person work. Their return to the office will be conditioned to the completion of their vaccination schedule — those who choose not to take their shots can return upon signing a waiver clearing their employers from liability if they contract the coronavirus.

House members rejected amendments proposed by the Senate — which removed any possibility of in-person work for unvaccinated pregnant women or those with other pre-existing conditions. Opposition lawmakers called the move to scrap the Senate’s proposals “a monument to Covid denialism.”

The new bill loosens regulations established in May 2021 granting pregnant women  the right to work from home without suffering any salary cuts. Employers were allowed to change their roles and duties — but they were entitled to their previous job title and responsibilities once they returned to work in the office. 

The bill now goes to the president’s office to be signed into law.