Brazil and Russia advance on nuclear cooperation talks

Presidents Jair Bolsonaro (left) and Vladimir Putin of Russia Photo: Alan Santos/PR
Presidents Jair Bolsonaro (left) and Vladimir Putin of Russia. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

During his two-hour meeting with Vladimir Putin, President Jair Bolsonaro expressed Brazil’s intention to expand military technology and energy cooperation with Russia. That includes interests the Brazilian Navy has in Russian Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs), which Mr. Bolsonaro mentioned during a statement after the bilateral talks.

The Brazilian Report had already reported that the matter was on the agenda back in January. 

Besides providing a clean energy source for remote locations, such devices would boost Brazil’s nuclear submarine program. Speaking with The Brazilian Report, a senior Russian official explains that Brazil approached the Kremlin seeking technology that could fit submarines already developed and built in the country. 

“The heads of state stressed the vast potential for the development of cooperation and new business initiatives in the field of energy, emphasizing the two countries’ complementarity in the oil and gas industry, in ensuring energy efficiency and renewable energy,” Brazil and Russia said in a joint statement.

“The presidents expressed their intention to expand dialogue on issues such as off-shore hydrocarbon production, hydrogen, and nuclear energy”, said Brazilian and Russian governments. There was also a mention of discussions over “strengthening military cooperation and bilateral exchanges.” 

Prior to the presidential meeting, Foreign and Defense Ministers from both countries sat to discuss increased military technology exchange between the countries. 

Defense Minister Walter Braga Netto invited Brazilian weapon manufacturers to side him in the visit to Russia, seeking to expand markets for Brazil-made guns and develop new defense products.