Health Ministry sends more information to regulators on Covid self-testing kits

health self-testing kits
Photo: Dan Race/Shutterstock

One week after Brazil’s health regulator Anvisa rejected the Health Ministry’s request to approve Covid-19 self-testing kits, the two sides have resumed negotiations. On Tuesday, the ministry answered Anvisa’s request for more detailed information regarding the lack of a structured public policy to permit self-testing in Brazil. 

According to the government, Anvisa “misinterpreted” the meaning of public policy, saying the use of self-tests will be part of the Covid-19 testing expansion plan announced in September, which includes the distribution of rapid tests. 

The Health Ministry said, however, that information related to handling tests and notifying symptoms will be included in the new report. Anvisa has yet to schedule a second vote on the matter, but representatives say they plan on deciding the matter as soon as possible.

While authorities have their disagreements on self-testing, both sides of the argument see it as a useful alternative to coronavirus diagnosis, amid increasing shortages in tests around the country.