Brazil shortens isolation period for Covid-positive workers

Brazil shortens isolation period for Covid-positive workers
Photo: Ultramansk/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Labor and Health Ministries updated their Covid workplace rules, reducing the isolation period for employees diagnosed with the coronavirus from 14 to ten days. In some asymptomatic cases, isolation can be as little as seven days.

Earlier this year, the government cut mandatory isolation for patients testing positive for the coronavirus from ten days to between five and seven.

Both moves follow a worldwide trend, as the rapid spread of the Omicron variant hinders businesses which are grappling with staff shortages. Sectors such as restaurants, airlines, and especially hospitals have been the worst-affected so far.

But as Brazil continues to break new records for new daily cases (according to the seven-day average, which is more accurate in depicting pandemic trends), other sectors will start to feel the pinch.