São Paulo set to limit stadium attendance amid Omicron scare

stadiums covid omicron
Fans follow a football match at the Allianz Parque stadium, in São Paulo. Photo: Cesar Greco/SEP

Just two months after lifting all attendance limits in stadiums, the São Paulo state government is set to reintroduce restrictions. On Wednesday, the state’s Covid committee suggested capping sporting events to 70-percent capacity to mitigate the risk of coronavirus transmission.

With Brazilians unwilling to observe renewed restrictions, officials said limits could be set by each municipality, depending on its pandemic outlook. They also urged stadiums to only allow the entry of fans who show proof of vaccination and negative Covid test results.

While the 2022 football season has yet to begin, the famous Copa São Paulo under-20 tournament is already underway and would be affected by attendance limits. The competition’s final match is scheduled for January 25, and the São Paulo state championship will kick off soon after. 

Brazil’s sports teams were severely affected by Covid restrictions, which deprived them from obtaining much-needed box office income for the better part of two seasons.